Natural genetic variation of PAMP induced growth responses in Arabidopsis thaliana

Plants recognize potential pathogens and induce a complex immune response by detecting pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs). While immune responses are beneficial for mitigating the detrimental effects of pathogens, PAMP perception comes at the cost of growth reduction in seedlings. The genetic basis of growth versus defense trade-offs is poorly understood. A genome-wide association study identified the genetic loci contributing to natural variation in expenses in innate immune responses. We experimentally validated several a priori and de novo candidate genes, which significantly contribute to de- or increase of biomass after PAMP-triggered seedling growth inhibition.


Vetter, Madlen, Talia L. Karasov, and Joy Bergelson. 2016. “Differentiation between MAMP Triggered Defenses in Arabidopsis Thaliana.” PLOS Genet 12 (6): e1006068. Cite