Talia Karasov


2009-present          PhD candidate in Genetics, Genomics and Systems Biology

2008                              B.S. with Honors in Biological Sciences, Stanford University, advisor:Dmitri Petrov


Karasov TL*, Kniskern JM*, Liping Gao, Brody J. DeYoung, Jing Ding, Ullrich Dubiella, Ruben Lastra, Sumitha Nallu, Fabrice Roux, Roger W. Innes, Luke G. Barrett, Richard R. Hudson, Joy Bergelson. “The long-term maintenance of a resistance polymorphism through diffuse interactions.” Nature (2014): doi:10.1038/nature13439.
*These authors contributed equally

Karasov TL, Horton MW, and Joy Bergelson. “Genomic variability as a driver of plant pathogen coevolution?.” Current Opinion in Plant Biology 18 (2014): 24-30.

Karasov TL*, Messer PW*, Petrov DA. “Evidence that adaptation in Drosophila is not limited by mutation at single sites.” PLoS Genetics 6.6 (2010): e1000924.
*These authors contributed equally

González J, Karasov TL, et al. “Genome-wide patterns of adaptation to temperate environments associated with transposable elements in Drosophila.” PLoS Genetics 6.4 (2010): e1000905.