Field Station

The Bergelson group has the opportunity to conduct field experiments in the recently opened field station and field plots close to the Warren Woods State Park in Three Oaks, Michigan. Ongoing and planned research projects include investigation into the genetic basis of plant-pathogen interactions and adaptation.

The field station is a remarkable Passive House with the highest standards of energy efficiency. The architects, construction team and researchers worked together to create a one of a kind facility that balances energy, cooling and heat requirements of a small laboratory, plant growth chambers, a classroom and kitchen. Three adjacent cabins and a bathhouse are close by to house visiting researchers.

The field station was opened in 2014 thanks to a generous bequest from the estate of Harriet Cowles Waller and the Department of Ecology and Evolution. More information and press coverage about the field station, outreach and education programs can be found on the website of the Department of Ecology and Evolution.

Warren Woods Field Station

Pictures by Trent Bell for The New York Times