Current members

Principal Investigator

Joy Bergelson
Dorothy Schiff Professor of Genomics

Post-doctoral associates

Choghag Demirjian
Email: cd3484[at]nyu[dot]edu
Lucas Henry
Email: lph260[at]nyu[dot]edu
Andy Gloss
Email: andy.gloss[at]gmail[dot]com
Hanna Maerkle
Email: hmaerkle[at]nyu[dot]edu
Angelique Rat
Email: ar7602[at]nyu[dot]edu

Graduate Students

Megan Kennedy*
Email: megan.kennedy[at]uchospitals[dot]edu
Eric Laderman
Email: erl9017[at]uchicago[dot]edu
Caroline Oldstone-Jackson*
Email: coldstonemoore[at]uchicago[dot]edu
Rebecca Satterwhite*
Email: satterwhite[at]uchicago[dot]edu
Hannah Whitehurst*
Email: hannah.whitehurst[at]nyu[dot]edu

* located at the University of Chicago

Staff Scientist

Manmeet Singh
Email: ms13795[at]nyu[dot]edu

Visiting and Rotating Researchers

Lauren Audi
Email: la2376[at]nyu[dot]edu
Debola Fatade
Email: dff6134[at]nyu[dot]edu
Arya Guatam
Email: ag7008[at]nyu[dot]edu
Yang Yang
Email: yy4239[at]nyu[dot]edu

Former lab members

Former PostDocs

Tien-Hao Chang
Email: tc3550[at]nyu[dot]edu
Haneef Khan
Email: haneef.itrc[at]gmail[dot]com
Feng Huang
Email: rm12407[at]126[dot]com
Shangchuan Jiang
Email: jsc.cap[at]gmail[dot]com
Manus Thoen
Sr. Scientist Phytopathology, Enza Zaden., The Netherlands
Jacob Herman
Editor, JoVE, Boston, MA
Benjamin Brachi
Email: benjamin[dot]brachi[at]pierroton[dot]inra[dot]fr
French National Institute for Agricultural Research, Bordeaux, France
Hana Lee
Email: hanalee07[at]gmail[dot]com
Software engineer, 8th Light consulting group, Chicago, IL
Madlen Vetter
Email: vetter[at]uchicago[dot]edu
Science writer at JoVE and founder of “tidy websites”, Boston, MA
Sumitha Nallu
Email: sumitha[at]uchicago[dot]edu
Postdoctoral Fellow in the Kronforst lab, University of Chicago
Leah Johnson
Email: lrjohn[at]vt[dot]edu
Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Virginia Tech
Angela Hancock
Email: hancock[at]mpipz[dot]mpg[dot]de
Group leader at Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne, Germany
Luke Barrett
Research Scientist, CSIRO Australia
Natacha Bodenhausen
Senior Scientist, Department of Soil Sciences, FiBL Frick
Joel Kniskern
Plant Geneticist and Associate Science Fellow at Bayer Crop Science
Fabrice Roux
Laboratoire des Interactions Plantes Micro-organismes (LIPM), France
Erica Bakker
Senior Scientist, Exelixis
Katrin Jakob
Founder, White Hawk Software and GABA
Brian Traw
Visiting Associate Professor, Berea College
Hitoshi Araki
Professor, Hokkaido University Japan
Dacheng Tian
Professor, Nanjing University
Don Cipollini
Professor and Director of Environmental Studies, Wright State University
Timothy Morton
Returned as Senior Research Technician, Bergelson group
Greg Dwyer
Professor, University of Chicago
Rodney Mauricio
Professor, University of Georgia
Juliette Winterer
Science Faculty, Lancaster Country Day School
Magnus Nordborg
Professor and Director, Gregor Mendel Institute
Curt Palm
Informatics Group at Stanford Genome Technology Center
Colin Purrington
Associate Professor at Swarthmore, now freelance photographer and eco-tour guide
Martin Kelly
Associate Professor, Biology, D’Youville College
Oscar Joost
working in Biotechnology
Peter Kotanen
Professor, University of Toronto


Former Graduate Students

Kathleen Beilsmith
Email: kathybeilsmith[at]uchicago[dot]edu
Keven Dooley
Email: keven[at]uchicago[dot]edu
Alice MacQueen
Email: alice[dot]macqueen[at]utexas[dot]edu
Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin
Matt Perisin
Postdoctoral Fellow in the Biotechnology Branch at the US Army Research Laboratory, Baltimore, MD
Talia Karasov
Email: talia.karasov[at]tuebingen[dot]mpg[dot]de
Postdoctoral-Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, Germany
Laura Merwin
Email: Laura[dot]Merwin[at]cuchicago[dot]edu
Assistant Professor of Biology, Concordia University Chicago
Matt Horton
Email: matthew[dot]horton[at]botinst[dot]uzh[dot]ch
Group leader, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of Zürich, Switzerland
Christopher Meyer
Scientific Support Analyst at Center for Data Intensive Science
Alison Anastasio
Lecturer, Environmental and Urban Studies, University of
Irene Shonle
Gilpin County Director, Colorado State University
Tom Juenger
Professor, University of Texas, Austin
Eli Stahl
Assistant Professor, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York
Tonia Korves
Cognitive Tools and Data Management, MITRE corporation
Gale Wichmann
Research Scientist, Amyris Corporation
Erica Goss
Assistant Professor, University of Florida Emerging
Megan Dunning
Manager of Adult Programs, Morton Arboretum
Liping Gao (Liliane)
Chief Credit Officer, Future Finance

Former Visiting Researchers

Xin Zhai
Email: xzhai[at]uchicago[dot]edu
Xiaohao Guo
Email: xiaohao[at]uchicago[dot]edu

Jianque Chen
Professor/Head of Education, Nanjing University
Thomas Bell
Imperial College Silwood Park
Ahmad Arzani
Professor, Isfahan University of Technology
Hongmei Sheng
Lecturer, Langzhou University
Jia-hui Chen
Professor, Kunming Institute of Botany
Valérie Schurdi-Levraud
Professor, University of Bordeaux
Aiping Zheng
Professor, Sichuan Agricultural University
Email: aipingzh[at]163[dot]com
Baptiste Mayjonade
Researcher, INRA Toulouse
Jing Ding
Assistant Professor, Nanjing University
Felice Gianluca Sperone
Lecturer, Wayne State University

Former Visiting Students

Adam Bahrami
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
Jing Ding
Assistant Professor, Nanjing University
Suen Xiaoqin
Assistant Professor, Nanjing University
Wen Zhang
Research Staff, Nanjing University
Seughnak Lee
Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon U., now research scientist at Human Longevity, Inc.
Ying Wu
Research Staff, Nanjing University
Mateo San Jose Garcia
Graduate Student, University de Oviedo; now Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Reading
Mathieu Videlier
Graduate Student, Univ Paris Diderot
Marine Le Mentec
Graduate Student, Univ Paris Diderot
Etienne Baron
Graduate Student, University of Lille, now Postdoctoral researcher at Center for Functional Ecology and Evolution, France
Paul Darme
Graduate Student, Univ Paris Diderot
Rijal Dilli Prasad
Graduate Student, Univ of Tromsø, Norway; now Post doctoral research in Artic and Marine Biology at Norges Arktiske Universitet
Pierre Le Gars
Graduate Student, Univ Paris Diderot; now Universite de Bretagne Occidentale MD program
Manon Guilberteau
Graduate Student, Univ Paris Diderot
Maxime Policarpo
Graduate Student, Univ Paris Diderot
Aurelien Perrier
Graduate Student, Univ of Paris Diderot
Amélie Vergot
Graduate Student, Univ Paris Diderot

Former Research Managers

Tim Morton
Email: tmorton[at]uchicago[dot]edu

Wayan Muliyati
Hidetoshi Inamine
PhD Cornell (2017), now post doctoral researcher at the Pennsylvania State University
Liz Boyd
Jody Higgins