Aiping Zheng

I am a phytopathologist at Sichuan Agricultural University, China. My research is mainly focused on the interaction mechanisms between rice fungal pathogens and hosts. I have worked on the cytology, morphology, histologic pathology, genomics and epidemiology of rice sheath blight and kernel smut disease pathogens, and illustrated the effectors and evolution mechanism against hosts. A second line of research deals with defenses against Lepidoptera, Homoptera and nematode pests. We clone plant defensive genes, do functional verification, create transgenic crops but we are also interested in the genomics of Bacillus thuringiensis, a Gram-positive bacteria that often is used as a biological pesticide.

In the Bergelson lab, I am investigating the fitness of Pseudomonas syringae among different crops.


One can find me in the following website:
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Current project

> Fitness mechanism of Pseudomonas syringae in crops


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